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About Us

We are Salem Presbyterian Church

a PC(USA) congregation in East Tennessee

We are a small, family church sitting on the the campus of the Washington College Academy campus in Limestone, TN.  Samuel Doak founded our congregation in 1780 and our building was contructed 1894-1896 and still remains today, with a few modifications of course.  We hold to the traditions and beliefs of the PC(USA) and remain committed to be a part of Holston Presbytery as we connect to the larger church.  Most of our mission work is to our local children and aging adults in the community.  We enjoy being together and are continually learning what it means to be church in the 21st century.

Our Mission Statement:

It is the purpose of Salem Presbyterian Church to be the Body of Christ. Representing God's activity in the community and world through the presence and guidance of the Holy Spirit. We commit to accomplish this mission in the following ways:

*To demonstrate our faith through witness to the the Lordship of Jesus Christ

*To demonstrate our hope through service to the community and world

*To demonstrate our love through worship, fellowship, nuture and prayer.

We are learning what it means to be a church in the 21st century.

  • faith through witness
  • hope through service
  • love through worship, fellowship, nuture and prayer.